Heroes Of Olympus – The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

I came late to the original Percy Jackson series, and was therefore able to read them all close together. I found myself lost in the world that Rick Riordan had created, easily picturing Camp Half Blood, and enjoying all the characters we were introduced to.

I admit to feeling a little lost after the series finished, so I was excited to find out that Rick had returned to this world, with a new set of heroes.

The book starts with a boy called Jason, who finds himself on a school bus, but having no idea of who  he is, or why he’s there. Strangely enough though, his ‘friends’, Piper and Leo seem to know him.

The beginning would probably be a bit confusing for someone who hadn’t read the original series, and I would imagine it’s better starting there if you haven’t already. However, we soon find ourselves back in the familiar world of the camp, with returning characters.

As you would expect, Jason goes on a Quest, along with Piper and Leo, finding the anticipated monsters. However, it’s soon clear that there’s something rather different this time around, especially with the mention of Roman gods.

Some old characters are back, and others are mentioned, but the emphasis is on the new ones. Jason, Piper and Leo have interesting stories to tell, and this is certainly their book.

The joy however, is that this book obviously sets us up for a whole new series – which I’m very much looking out for!

Published by Puffin Oct 2010

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One thought on “Heroes Of Olympus – The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

  1. angelha

    Thanks for the review Michelle! I quite adored the Percy Jackson series and I’m excited to explore this new offering!

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