Elidor by Alan Garner

‘Elidor’ is the story of four siblings, Nicholas, David, Helen and Roland who one day by accident find themselves in the world of Elidor, a world which is connected to ours in many ways. Elidor is dying and the only people who can save it are Nicholas, David, Helen and Roland. Roland, the youngest of the siblings, who is shy and is scared easily shows his worth in Elidor when he meets Malebron, a warrior who leads Roland to his siblings and treasures that must be kept safe, so that Elidor can be saved. Roland bravely saves his siblings and they take the treasures, Nicholas has a stone, David, a sword, Helen, a bowl and Roland, a spear, when the return home, the treasures have changed, they look old and not what they were but they still feel the same, the children hide them and wait to hear from Malebron, while they wait, they are faced with enemies from Elidor and must use all of their wits to find their way back to Malebron and Elidor before its too old.

What I thought of ‘Elidor’ ~

I first read ‘Elidor’ when I was 10 years old in Primary School (so I am really showing my age) and the story always stuck with me, so it was a trip down memory lane when I read it again. I love ‘Elidor’ for various reasons, the story is well told, the characters unforgettable, the only downside of the story is how short it is, you want to read more. Definitely a book to share with my nieces and nephews and I know I will go back to ‘Elidor’ again and again.

Rating ~ 10/10

Reviewed by Weave (Paula Mc)

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