Room by Emma Donoghue

‘Room’ is the story of Jack and his Ma, and where they live, a place called Room, Jack was born there and does not know anything else, his Ma is his whole world and Jack is his Ma’s whole world. Ma tries to make things as normal as possible for Jack, he plays with his friends, who are cartoon characters on TV, he learns from his cartoon friends and his Ma and every night he sleeps in Wardrobe waiting for the door to Room to go ‘beep beep’ and open with the arrival of Old Nick, who Jack has never see up close because his Ma forbids it. Jack’s world changes when his Ma tells Jack about ‘Outside’, what he can see when he looks out of ‘Skylight’ and Ma’s plan to leave ‘Room’ forever.

What I thought of ‘Room’ ~

There has been endless positive reviews about ‘Room’ and I am going to add to them with another positive review, ‘Room’ is nothing short of brilliance, Emma Donoghue’s has created one of the most insightful, whimsical, intelligent and endearing characters in five year old Jack. ‘Room’ is told from his point of view, everything in his world has order, he understands it, he has his Ma with him and that is all he needs. The character of Jack’s Ma is well written, a woman raising her son in the strangest of circumstances, keeping his safe, teaching him as much as she can, her concerns as Jack gets older and what she should do to make sure they both get the lives they deserve, Jack and his Ma’ strength as a family unit shines through, they are fiercely protective of each other.

Jack’s individual look at the world shines through too, which will make you laugh and cry, you will feel for Jack and Ma, their fight to have normality in their lives is inspirational.

‘Room’ is well researched and without giving too much away, it explores all aspects of what Ma and Jack go through, you feel for both of them because they do not deserve their past and you feel positive for them for their future.

I started ‘Room’ last Friday but did not get a chance to have a straight run of reading it until yesterday and I finished the book this morning, I could not put the book down.

‘Room’ is a book that will stay with you, I guarantee Jack and his Ma will be in your thoughts from time to time.

Highly recommended.

Rating ~ 10/10

Reviewed by Weave (Paula Mc)

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