The Behaviour of Moths by Poppy Adams

‘The Behaviour of Moths’ tells the story of two sisters, Ginny and Vivien, raised in a mansion in the countryside by their community driven Mother, Maude and their Father, Clive an lepidopterist (a person who specialises in the study of moths), their childhood is idyllic, with Ginny sharing her father’s passion for the study of moths. As the girls grow up, Vivien view of her home life changes and she leaves home, leaving Ginny to look after her parents, Vivien’s visits are few and far behind over the years until she writes and tells Ginny she is coming home for good, upsetting Ginny’s ordered life and wondering why Vivien is coming home.

What I thought of ‘The Behaviour of Moths’ ~

I am in two minds about ‘The Behaviour of Moths’, I did not hate it but I did not like it, I was in between because there was certain aspects of the story that are well done but other parts that make little sense (well to me they did not make sense), there is a definite theme running through the book that Ginny may have Aspergers or be autistic but it has been undiagnosed, that did not confuse me, it was the actual story, its very open to interpretation but there is not much to help you reach that interpretation.

Rating ~ 5/10

Reviewed by Weave (Paula Mc)

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2 thoughts on “The Behaviour of Moths by Poppy Adams

  1. Aitch

    I was interested in your review as I too thought that Ginny was autistic through some of the comments in the book by her sister.I think it left the story with too many loose ends for the reader to draw there own conclusions.The moth studies were at times tedious and made me want to skip pages but I managed not to do this.I still got enjoyment from reading this book but only read it as a Readers Group choice.

  2. Thanks for your response Aitch 🙂

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