Ghost of a Chance by Rhiannon Lassiter

There appears to be some mixed reviews of this book, which I suppose is understandable, but I for one really enjoyed it. I had quite a few review books to look at, and I expected this one to move down the pile a bit, as the author was unknown to me.. but once I started, I found it hard to put down until finished.

The thing to remember is that this book is aimed at young adults, and I think it hits it’s target audience just right. That’s not to say that us grown ups can’t enjoy it as well, but it lacks the complex characters and darker horror which may be expected. Thinking back to my younger days, however, when teen fiction was severely lacking, I would have loved something like this.

Eva Chance lives a difficult life. Her mother died the day she was born, and the only person in her family who wanted her was her grandfather, who she now lives with in their sprawling, decaying stately home.

On her 16th birthday, Eva discovers that she is in fact now a ghost – her disappearance has been put down to suicide, but Eva knows she must have been murdered, although she has no memory of this.

During the rest of the book, Eva finds out more about the world of spirits she now inhabits, as she strives to discover what happened to her. Some she befriends, whilst others are to be feared.. even as a ghost herself.

The feel of the book and the level of horror betrayed seemed to be balanced just right – it has a creepy feel, with many of the characters being genuinely afraid. The ‘witch’, the main power behind all that is wrong in the house exerts a malevolent presence.

YA horror seems to be a growing trend, following on from the paranormal romance books which seemed to take over. As many readers my age were reading the likes of Stephen King as young adults, this genre is a welcome trend – and Ghost of a Chance is a good addition to it.

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