The Rembrandt Secret. – Alex Connor


A serial killer keeping the past’s darkest secret hidden. A centuries-old conspiracy is about the explode into the present with devastating consequences. The first victim was forced to swallow stones. The second victim was whipped to death. The third was stabbed in the heart. A deadly serial killer is taking people down across London and New York. What did they all know? Why were they butchered? Who else is in the killer’s sights? And how can they be stopped?


Okay so although I said I was starting this novel a few days back, I only managed to get around to starting yesterday. By the end of the day I had finished; one sitting, four hundred and forty-eight pages. A truly fantastic read.

This novel is one which is written so wonderfully; the story seemingly weaved so effortlessly, but with yet such precision. What makes the novel so intense, such a page-turner, is the pace at which the story flows. From London to New York, from galleries to exhibitions, a tale so gripping; dripping with mystery, intrigue and the blood of those murdered in an effort to keep a secret that will turn the art scene on its head and ruin the reputation of one of the greatest artists to ever live.

The secrets are never-ending, the characters constant in their battle for success and power; doing anything and everything to achieve their goals and stop themselves from going under. Someone believes that the papers are important enough to murder, to torture; recreating scenes in such a way that shows in a sadistic manner that he’s cultured and recognises the importance of the Rembrandt letters.

Nobody can be trusted, everyone has a motive.. and it’s impossible to know who to have on your own side. Is it someone trustworthy, believable; someone malicious and manipulative? You’ll find yourself engrossed, captivated by events, following the characters’ journeys like its conclusions will even go so far as to effect even you.

If you enjoy a roller-coaster of a novel; fraught with danger, deception, cunning, remorse and revenge – but at the same time littered with instances of love, affection and heartbreak – then this novel is for you. It has everything to keep you entranced, glued to your seat.. for even when you think the surprises have stopped and the end reached, the shocks won’t falter; everyone has something to hide, perhaps some people more than others.


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