The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

It’s 1920, and Jack and Mabel have moved to Alaska, to start a new life and leave their memories behind. However, Jack struggles to control the wild land, and Mabel struggles to forget the grief of her stillborn, and they seem to move further apart.

As the first snow falls, they find an unexpected closeness,  and end up out in the snow, building a snowman.. or rather a snow girl. In the morning this snow girl has disappeared, and they start to catch glimpses of tracks, and a figure which looks like a small child.

Many reviewers are calling this book ‘magical’, and it does have that feel to it. The landscape and environment is vivid and harsh, and yet the snowy atmosphere adds it’s own magical touch. Eowyn never quite explains the child either, it’s left to the reader to decide if she has a real background, or a magical beginning.

This is a tale partly about Faina, the Snow Child of the story, but is also about Jack and Mabel, their new life, and their relationships. It’s about survival, grief, friendship and love, and it’s a simple but moving tale. Highly recommended.

Published by Headline Feb 2012

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One thought on “The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

  1. Highly recommended, beautifully written and it is magical, because she keeps the mystery alive for so long, we are not sure if we are reading about something that is real or not, so it stimulates the readers imagination – is she real or is she part of their longing?

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