Lethal. – Sandra Brown


 When her four-year-old daughter informs her a sick man is in their yard, Honor Gillette rushes out to help him. But that ‘sick’ man turns out to be Lee Coburn, the man accused of murdering seven people the night before. Dangerous, desperate, and armed, he promises Honor that she and her daughter won’t be hurt as long as she does everything he asks. She has no choice but to accept him at his word.

But Honor soon discovers that those close to her can’t be trusted. Coburn claims that her beloved late husband possessed something extremely valuable that places Honor and her daughter in grave danger. And Coburn is there to retrieve it – at any cost.


 A web of lies that runs deep through a family and their immediate friends. Corruption that runs deep through the police, the sheriff’s office, even the FBI. A man on the run after escaping a warehouse where he is alleged to have murdered seven people in cold blood. A four-year-old girl and her mother caught up in a whirlwind of death and deceit. An elusive, mysterious criminal mastermind called The Bookkeeper who presides over all, turning the screws in the grand plan.

From the moment Honor Gillette rushes outside to help a sick man, instead to find a gun pointed at her chest, the reader knows they are in for something special. Honor finds herself unable to trust anyone, even those around her, as she works to unravel the mysteries of her husband Eddie’s death. Coburn is menacing and ruthless, tearing apart their idyllic family lifestyle and their home to pieces – stopping at nothing to achieve his goals. Yet there is something more to this man that meets the eye and Honor soon starts to realise not everything is as it seems.

To find answers hidden by a dead man would be difficult enough, but the job becomes a whole lot tougher when you are on the run, with nowhere to hide. Doral Hawkins, tough guy and city manager searches tirelessly, while Stan Gillette – Honor’s father-in-law and ex-marine – will stop at nothing to make sure his family is found safe. It seems everyone is on their tail, as Coburn tries to remain one step ahead of the law enforcements. Then there is The Bookkeeper, the thread which weaves the characters together, remaining in the shadows, not afraid to give the order to kill in order to tie up the loose ends.

The author takes us on a sprawling journey of love and of death from a dirty swamp and a decrepit boat that threatens to sink into the muddy marshes at any given time, to an abandoned train track where an explosive meeting threatens to ruin everything they have worked towards. Stolen kisses in the midst of danger, a young man who stalks the streets with his razor in hand and a history that shows he is not afraid to use it. It seems Honor must remain faithful to her instincts, if she is to see this one through to the very end.

Sandra Brown’s latest novel is a rip-roaring, turn-pager of a thriller that has you glued to your seat, unable to move until you have seen it through to its conclusion. With twists and turns that continue to the very last page, never accept anything at face value with this intricately written, fiendishly clever tale.


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