The People Next Door by Christopher Ransom

“You will never guess their secret, you will never forget the twist”  

This statement on the front of the book, plus the great artistry grabbed me straight away, I love to be scared and it sounded so very intriguing. For this reason only I persevered through the confusing plot which failed to grab me.

The story is based around the ‘Nash family’, a dysfunctional lot all with their own individual complicated problems. These sub-plots, I assume, were added to create more depth but the swapping of narrative throughout the chapters confused the hell of out me.

The Nash family become intrigued by a strange new family who have just moved in next door called ‘The Renders’, I enjoyed learning about these new characters more so than the protagonists, their strange ways and suggestive dialogue made me stop reading for a second, sit back and try to figure out what was going on.

The plot itself is a great idea but it’s delivery let it down, I guessed half way through what was going on but hoped I was wrong so I could have experienced the ‘big twist’.

On a plus side, Ransom writes very descriptively, some of the gory scenes were very detailed and he certainly didn’t hold back, fans of gore type horror may enjoy this book.

I am a sucker for a suspense story but this had just too much, there were so many different things going it became over complicated.

This was a strange read for me, my interest and praise for the book fluctuated, and the ending was a big let down. There were some good chilling scenes but you have to dig your way through to get them, I would describe it as an ‘OK’ book but certainly not a must read.

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