Dangerous Waters by Anne Allen

‘Mystery, loss and love on the Island of Guernsey’

The protagonist Jeanne Le Page returns to the Island of Guernsey following the death of her Grandmother, this is a reluctant trip due to a personal tragedy that occurred fifteen years previous, however she is also escaping an unhappy life in England. The stay in Guernsey brings her flashbacks and nightmares of the tragedy but she also experiences new mystery’s and tragedy’s during her stay. Jeanne has inherited her Grandmothers cottage, which in itself brings more mystery and drama.

Jeanne’s initial plan to sell the cottage and return to England is disturbed by the influence of friends, romantic interests and the discovery and resolution of many mystery’s, which all attract her to stay.

This is a really atmospheric and descriptive piece of writing,  I was transformed to the Island of Guernsey and could imagine every detail without much effort. As well as being a great fictional story I have learnt more about the Island, it’s fascinating history and culture. It is an obviously well researched novel and with the touch of history relating to the German Occupation, it really brought the story to life.

This is a great mystery novel, with plenty of intriguing sub-plots and suspense which kept me reading even when it was time to go to bed! I found myself guessing correctly what was happening but this didn’t discourage me from enjoying the book because the suspense was enough to keep going to check I was right.

This is an easy, enjoyable and intriguing read. Great for the Summer, sat in the sun and reading over a glass of wine! Highly recommended.

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