Apartment 16 by Adam Nevill

Apartment 16 is a dark and disturbing tale of Barrington House, a luxurious apartment building in London which seems to have a strong hold on the people who live there. There are two main narrative viewpoints which are delivered cleverly generating the feeling of tension which eventually climaxes perfectly.

Apryl, one of the main characters,  has come over from America who inherited an apartment from her great aunt Lillian, she’s a likeable character who you support all the way through in her quest to find out what’s really going on in Barrington House. Seth,  is a night porter and artist who is also drawn into the darkness and intrigue of Apartment 16, after investigating strange noises coming from the apartment, he enters it and his life changes forever.

Often novels within the supernatural genre are predictable, this certainly wasn’t,  I remember raising my eyebrows in surprise a number of times! The descriptions and imagery are the best I have read in a long time, it’s disturbing, grotesque and dark. I enjoyed every page.

Nevill’s writing style can take some getting used to, it’s not an easy book to put down and pick up again, you have to give it your full attention which it so rightly deserves. It is an intelligent, unique and interesting story, one that certainly takes a warped mind to conjure up!

Apartment 16 is a must read for any horror fan out there, it’s weird, warped and wonderful. Thank you for bringing it into the world Mr Nevill!



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