Leopard Adventure by Anthony McGowan

Leopard Adventure is the first in a new series of books – an authorised contemporary retelling of the classic adventure series written by Willard Price.

The original series was published between 1949 and 1980, and I can still remember working my way through them as a young reader. They told the story of Roger and Hal Hunt, who had many adventures helping their dad capture exotic and endangered animals.

Leopard Adventure introduces Roger’s daughter, Amazon, and Hal’s son Frazer. Sadly the brothers no longer seem to see eye to eye, and so the two young people are only just meeting for the first time. Frazer has already been involved in conservation, but Amazon seems to have been left behind whilst her parents travel the globe!

Amazon is invited to help TRACKS, an organisation which rescues wild animals, no matter what the danger. In this story they are trying to rescue an endangered Leopard, dealing with a dangerous tiger, an out of control fire, and some human enemies.

Amazon and Frazer are rather charming, and it’s nice to see them getting on despite their parent’s issues with each other. They do face some rather extreme situations, but this is combined with some interesting facts and issues surrounding endangered animals and conservation.

I certainly enjoyed the tale, and I can see the appeal for younger readers (it’s aimed at 9+) – which the adventure based content, the animals, and a strong girl character, there’s plenty for everyone. Even as an older reader, I’m quite interested to see how everything will develop, and will probably be picking up the next book in January, Shark Adventure.

The original series is also being relaunched, with new covers, and I’m quite tempted to take a look at those too!

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