The Mammoth Book of Slasher Movies by Peter Normanton

I’ve just read the reviews for this book on Amazon’s US site, and there seems to be some annoyance about the films included. I came to this book as a casual fan of horror films, and the selection of films didn’t seem a big deal to me, I simply enjoyed it for what it was.

In his introduction, Peter Normanton clearly states that this is not a comprehensive list, despite having over 250 films listed. By the end of his research, he had over 1000, so he’s tried to come up with a good selection. One thing I did notice is that sequels don’t get their own entries, but are simply mentioned under the original film. I’m sure a whole book could be written about horror movie sequels, but don’t expect to find them here.

The films included are in alphabetical order, with basic info, a synopsis of the story, and some background information, such as whether they were banned, or notes on filming. They’re also given a ‘splatter rating’. It seems important to point out that these are ‘slasher and splatter’ movies, which means a lot of zombie type films are included.

There are a few little extras, such as an overview of the genre, information on some of the directors, and a list of ‘video nasties’ which were banned.

I enjoyed looking up the films I’ve watched in the past, as well as finding some I’d like to try.

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