Honest by Tulisa Contostavlos

 There’s a lot of criticism towards younger people writing autobiographies, and of course some only have a few moments of fame to talk about. Honest is a little different, as Tulisa spends time speaking bout her younger life, which was certainly eventful.

As a parent, I found this a difficult book to review – Tulisa is, as the title says, very honest about her life, and writes in a matter of fact way. She talks about being part of a gang, drinking at a young age, and about sex. She in no way glamorises this life, but neither does she speak much about regretting it.

Obviously, the main market for this book is today’s younger generation, and it was my 13 year old daughter who was most interested. She’s not at all keen on reading, but autobiographies do interest her, and she read this one at quite a speed. She was interested in the fact that Tulisa led such a colourful life, and that she was bullied, but was also just as interested in her journey as a singer and pop star. We talked about the things Tulisa had done at a young age, and my daughter agreed that she did not feel the book glamorised this lifestyle.

For fans, Honest will provide a insight into Tulisa’s life, written by the woman herself, rather than a bunch of journalists. It may also open some eyes into the lives that some of youngsters are living. As a book, my daughter found it interesting throughout. Myself, as someone who doesn’t read many autobiographies, I found it quite accessible, and I was pleased to find it covered all of her life so far, and not just her time on XFactor.

Honest is published by Headline

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