Tempest by Julie Cross

Tempest is the first in a YA trilogy, which I would say is aimed more at older teenagers – which also makes it great for us oldies too! I have to sadly admit that if I’d simply glanced at the cover, I would have dismissed this as yet another teen romance book – but once I realised it included time travel, I knew I had to give it a try – and I’m very glad I did!

Our time traveller in Tempest is Jackson, a 19 year old living happily in 2009. Jackson has discovered that he can jump short distances into his past, but his actions there have no impact on the future. As is often said in the book, forget all you think you know about time travel!

He and his friend Adam are carrying out small experiments to find out more about his abilities, and he’s enjoying being with his girlfriend Holly.

This all changes when Holly is shot, and Jackson suddenly finds himself in 2007, apparently with no way back. In a short period of time he realises that there’s more to his father than he previously realised, and that he may be in a lot of danger. He sets out to befriend Adam once again, to gain his help, and to find Holly, who he originally met after 2007.

It’s probably at this point where I felt the most muddled, but I soon settled into what was happening. Unfortunately this is also where for me the story slowed a little – too much time seems spent on Jackson and Holly’s relationship, although it does help you to realise how important their relationship is to him.

After a while though the pace picks up again, and everything becomes quite complex.. but not confusing. Their are hints to what the next book will hold, and it all sounds rather exciting.

Thankfully, for me at least, this wasn’t ‘yet another teen romance’ and yet the relationships, and emotions, are important to the story. The characters are realistic and well written, and I particularly loved the relationship between Jackson and his twin sister.

There’s a bit of everything in this book, and it appeals to both male and female. Even with the slight slow down in the middle, I found myself constantly picking up this book, and my opinion of it has actually grown since reading it. It’s certainly not one of those books you put down and immediately forget about. As with the best trilogies, the main story is wrapped up without a massive cliffhanger, but there are enough hints to make you add the next one straight to your wishlist!

Discover more here, including extra content for 16+

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