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I’ve come across Imogen’s writing before, and was therefore very pleased when I discovered she was about to publish a YA novel. I pre-ordered, and so hadn’t come across any reviews – all I had to go by was the back of the book..




I actually missed the bit below which said ‘LINKED will take you beyond our world’ and therefore didn’t expect the setting of the story. I expected twins, some sort of government conspiracy, and being on the run. What I found added up to so much more.

The setting is a far off planet, which has been terraformed. It still seems very much what we’re used to, although there is much more automation and technology – some of which is cleverly done, such as a mother being pleased by her ‘cooking’ although everything is done automatically by various gadgets.

In this world is Elissa, who is being affected by nightmares and visions, which are now causing actual pain and bruises. Taken to various doctors, she is finally booked in for surgery which will apparently fix the problem. Before this can happen, she discovers that they are being caused by her twin, whom she has a connection with, but knows nothing about.

Yes, they do go on the run, but here the space theme continues, as they are helped to escape on a space craft. I shall stop there, and not reveal any more.

Linked falls into the YA category, but it doesn’t talk down to it’s readers, and this 40 year old found plenty to like. The pace is good, the futuristic setting well thought out, and the love interest not too over the top. I’m very much looking forward to the sequel.

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