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The Christmas Companion

Synopsis from Amazon:
From the early traditions that marked this Mass of Christ, to the modern myths and pagan influences that have merged to create our contemporary ‘winter holiday’. Like any good Christmas meal, this book of Christmas treats is complete with all the trimmings, including: the origin of much beloved Christmas tree and why we owe thanks to Norway for the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square; games and trivia to while away the after-effects of the Christmas meal; what is the best-selling Christmas single of all time – test your knowledge of festive tunes with carolling conundrums; in the Christmas spirit – extraordinary examples of events stopping for Christmas, such as the World War I ceasefire between German and Allied troops; and, who exactly is Father Christmas/Santa Claus and how does he do his job after all that sherry? This book is the latest in the bestselling “Companion” series.

My thoughts:

I am a self confessed Christmasholic, I love all things Christmassy. So when I was given the opportunity to review this book I jumped at the chance!

I loved the introduction, it made me feel very festive. Each page has an intersting fact on it relating to the page number. This book was filled to the brim with interesting stories, excerpts from books, christmas cracker jokes, cooking tips, receipes, the history of christmas and christmas facts. I have been looking for a book like this for years and have finally found it!

This is a book I will re-read every year as I found it really really interesting.


Published by panmacmillan

Hardback 03/10/08 £9.99

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Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

Synposis from Amazon:

Orphaned Jane Eyre grows up in the home of her heartless aunt and later attends a charity school with a harsh regime, enduring loneliness and cruelty. This troubled childhood strengthens Jane’s natural independence and spirit – which prove necessary when she finds a position as governess at Thornfield Hall. However, when she finds love with her sardonic employer, Rochester, the discovery of his terrible secret forces her to make a choice. Should she stay with him and live with the consequences, or follow her convictions, even if it means leaving the man she loves? A novel of intense power and intrigue, Jane Eyre (1847) dazzled and shocked readers with its passionate depiction of a woman’s search for equality and freedom.

My thoughts:

This was my first classic book that I have read. I was lucky enough to see it on a stall for 20p so I thought ‘why not?’.

I really really enjoyed the way it was written. A beautiful story which I felt compelled to keep on reading. It took me quite a while to read the book as I had to pay close attention to the language but nevertheless I throughly enjoyed it.

I think that this was definately the right time of year to read this book with it being autumn here, as there are lots of candles, open fires and the good old british weather mentioned throughout the book. I was curled up in my armchair with a blanket and a cuppa totally engrossed in the book.

I am now a classic ‘addict’ and have purchased several more books. I would recommend this to anymore – either a first timer like me or a classic expert.

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The Sitting Swing – Irene Watson

Synopsis from Amazon:
Irene Watson’s pretentious life could go no further until she faced her past. Her moving and inspiring memoir begins at the end, in a recovery center, where she has gone to understand a childhood fraught with abuse, guilt, and uncertainty. Two distinct parts of the book look at abusive child rearing and the process of recovery years later. This story shows change, growth, and forgiveness are possible. It gives hope and freedom to those accepting the past and re-writing life scripts that have been passed down for generations. It’s never too late to change your life, never too late to heal. Praise for The Sitting Swing “Watson’s memoir recounts her fearful, highly sheltered years as she uncovers the childhood wounds leading to her personality crisis. This is an earnest memoir, well structured.” -PUBLISHERS WEEKLY “The Sitting Swing is the poignant story of the author’s successful journey to transcend the patterns sculpted by her parents and childhood experiences. I loved it!”-NANCY OELKLAUS, PHD, LIFE COACH AND AUTHOR OF JOURNEY FROM HEAD TO HEART: LIVING AND WORKING AUTHENTICALLY “As a teacher of transformational principles for self-discovery and the treatment of addictions, reading The Sitting Swing inspired me to a richer new voice, infusing my lectures with a deeper level of meaning.

My thoughts:

This book certainly gives you something to think about. Everyone has an addiction, just some aren’t as obvious as others.

Irene Watson tells the story of her childhood which was not only over controlling but also facing great hardships and abuse. Even though I knew this was a true story, it was holding me as if it was fiction.

You are then told how Irene starts her journey of recovery and how she achieves it. A very strong woman and I would recommend reading this book to anyone who has demons to face.

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Full Body Orgasm – Oscar Naval


FULL BODY ORGASM is about feeling unrestrained joy and pleasure in every way, everyday!

This book takes a holistic view of the meaning and the function of the orgasm in the broader sense of the word as it relates not only to sexuality (the body) but in the mind and spirit as well. Living in a physical world where you may commute to work, buy groceries, cook the meals, pay the bills, raise your children, clean the house and go on vacations, you can balance and live a life of peak experiences in everything you do.

The full body orgasm (FBO) is continuous joy and pleasure that opens the doors of peak experiences in all aspects of life. In other words, if you can fully experience that energy of an FBO, then you will experience joy and pleasure in everything you do in life.

My thoughts:

This book sounded very interesting from the blurb. At times I found this book quite complex and wasn’t quite sure what I was trying to be told, however it was still interesting. The tips and excercises were good and certainly gives you something to think about. I have recently started my spiritual journey so parts of this book I was already aware of and am already making those changes in my life.

I particually liked the following quote:

‘Whoever is happy will make others happy too’. ~ Mark Twain

And also from the last page:

‘The pursuit of happiness and pleasure is a deeply spiritual undertaking. Your happiness will be reflected back to you as others feel your flow of joyous life energy’.

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No Time for Goodbye – Linwood Barclay

Synopsis from Amazon
On the morning she will never forget, suburban teenager Cynthia Archer awakes with a nasty hangover and a feeling she is going to have an even nastier confrontation with her mom and dad. But when she leaves her bedroom, she discovers the house is empty, with no sign of her parents or younger brother Todd. In the blink of an eye, without any explanation, her family has simply disappeared. Twenty-five years later Cynthia is still haunted by unanswered questions. Were her family murdered? If so, why was she spared? And if they’re alive, why did they abandon her in such a cruel way? Now married with a daughter of her own, Cynthia fears that her new family will be taken from her just as her first one was. And so she agrees to take part in a TV documentary revisiting the case, in the hope that somebody somewhere will remember something – or even that her father, mother or brother might finally reach out to her… Then a letter arrives which makes no sense and yet chills Cynthia to the core. And soon she begins to realise that stirring up the past could be the worst mistake she has ever made…

My thoughts:

Brilliant! A excellent thriller that I finished in 3 days. So many twists and turns that apart from one character I really had no idea how the book would end! Very well written and you can imagine what it must have been like for the Cynthia, the daughter.

I would definately recommend this book. 10/10

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The Psychics Bible – Jane Struthers

Synopsis from Amazon:
This comprehensive book will teach you everything you need to know about how to activate and develop your psychic skills. Starting with a questionnaire to test how much psychic power you already have, “The Psychic’s Bible” leads you through a variety of techniques from grounding and balancing yourself to energy healing, psychic protection, scrying, contacting your spirit guides and much more. Full of practical advice and step-by-step exercises, this is the perfect reference for anyone who would like to explore their psychic abilities.

My thoughts:

A good informative book. Everything you could possibly want to know for the training psychic. Definately a book I will refer to again and again.

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Hope – Lesley Pearse

Synopsis from Amazon:
Somerset, 1836, and baby Hope is cast out from a world of privilege as living proof of her mother’s adultery…Smuggled away from the Harveys and Briargate House to a nearby village, Hope grows up in the arms of the warm and loving Renton family, unaware of her true identity. But fate has harsh plans for Hope and a chain of events sees her forced to lead a vagabond’s existence until she finds the courage to fight back and prove herself a fearless and able nurse, a vocation that takes her to the horrific battlefields of the Crimea. But, the secrets of the past are not yet done with Hope Renton and she must return to England to face the legacy of her birth…With the storytelling magic that has won Lesley Pearse millions of fans, “Hope” is the portrait of a remarkable woman who will never let the world – or injustice – bring her down.

My thoughts:

Another great read by Lesley Pearse. Full of great characters and good descriptions of the time.


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Healing Grief: Reclaiming Life After Any Loss – James Van Praagh

Synopsis from Amazon:
A renowned medium shows readers how to heal their hearts after the death of a loved one or any other profound loss.

My thoughts:

A mediums perspective of life after death. Lovely stories of loved ones in the spirit world communicating with their friends and families. This book also offers practical advice on how you can develop your spiritual abilities.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has lost someone special. It is very comforting to know that they are in the spirit world watching and looking after us.

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Angels watching over me – Jacky Newcomb

Synopsis from Amazon:
The souls of our loved ones take a keen interest in our lives here on earth. “An Angel Watching Over Me” offers a glimpse into the magical stories of communication between our world and the next. These messages will bring comfort and healing to anyone who has lost someone close to them, whether recently or long ago. In this book, Jacky Newcomb illustrates the power of real-life spontaneous afterlife experiences and how they show that life goes on after we leave the physical realm. These stories have much in common with the classic angel experience, and show that the souls of your loved ones watch over you as you live your life.

My thoughts:

What a lovely book. My mother recently passed away and I was looking for something to read and this jumped out of a magazine at me and I am so glad it did. I have found so much comfort in this book that I also bought a copy for my sister, who like me, loved it.

There are some beautiful true life stories in this book as well as practical suggestions to introduce angels into your life. It also explains the  type of things angels do to let you know that they are there.


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Bag of Bones – Stephen King

Synopsis from Amazon:
When Mike Noonan’s wife dies, he is drawn to their summer home in the town of Sara Laughs. He finds the town in the grip of millionaire Max Devore, who is hell-bent on getting custody of his deceased son’s child. Kyra and her mother turn to Mike for help, but there are sinister forces in their way.

My thoughts:

I finished Bag of Bones last night and really really enjoyed it.

It was a bit of a slow burner in the begining but I stuck with it and glad I did. A good ghost story which scared me in places. One big twist in it that I really was not expecting and it really quite upset me!

This book to me seemed different to other Stephen King books I have read; I found this one an easier read than some of his others and the romantic element made a nice change.

The characters were well written especially little Kyra, who you couldn’t help but fall in love with! 🙂

I give this book an 8 ½ out of 10, it would have been higher if the book had held my attention better in the begining.

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