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Elidor by Alan Garner

‘Elidor’ is the story of four siblings, Nicholas, David, Helen and Roland who one day by accident find themselves in the world of Elidor, a world which is connected to ours in many ways. Elidor is dying and the only people who can save it are Nicholas, David, Helen and Roland. Roland, the youngest of the siblings, who is shy and is scared easily shows his worth in Elidor when he meets Malebron, a warrior who leads Roland to his siblings and treasures that must be kept safe, so that Elidor can be saved. Roland bravely saves his siblings and they take the treasures, Nicholas has a stone, David, a sword, Helen, a bowl and Roland, a spear, when the return home, the treasures have changed, they look old and not what they were but they still feel the same, the children hide them and wait to hear from Malebron, while they wait, they are faced with enemies from Elidor and must use all of their wits to find their way back to Malebron and Elidor before its too old.

What I thought of ‘Elidor’ ~

I first read ‘Elidor’ when I was 10 years old in Primary School (so I am really showing my age) and the story always stuck with me, so it was a trip down memory lane when I read it again. I love ‘Elidor’ for various reasons, the story is well told, the characters unforgettable, the only downside of the story is how short it is, you want to read more. Definitely a book to share with my nieces and nephews and I know I will go back to ‘Elidor’ again and again.

Rating ~ 10/10

Reviewed by Weave (Paula Mc)

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War World Z by Max Brooks

Following on from ‘The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead’, which taught you how to survive the zombie outbreak, ‘World War Z’ is the story of the individuals who survived the ten year war between the living and the undead.

What I thought of ‘World War Z’ ~

I enjoyed ‘World War Z’, all the stories were equally hard hitting and heart breaking, and it put a human face to how World War Z affected people.

Rating ~ 7/10

Reviewed by Weave (Paula Mc)

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The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead by Max Brooks

Ever wondered what you would do if Zombies began to run (or walk slowly) outside your window?, would you wait for the government to help?,would you assemble a rag tag team of like minded people and kick some zombie butt? Or just accept the zombies for what they are and let them take over the world with the risk you could end up being food for them​​?, all of these questions and more are covered by Max Brooks in ‘The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead’. Following the creation of the virus of Solanum which can be pass to anyone through an open wound, or when coming in contact with someone who has infected blood or saliva, zombies are a part of life, how do you survive? Max Brooks is about to tell you how.

What I thought of ‘The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead’ ~

I enjoyed reading this book for numerous reasons, it had zombies in it and it was shown in a funny, clear, concise and meticulous manner, and it was well researched, I admit though to skipping some parts, particularly the part on dealing with zombies who are underwater, I am scared of the water and having a zombie in the water, well it can stay there, I am not going after it.

Buy a copy, read it and learn from it because you never know when zombies might appear.

Rating ~ 7/10

Reviewed by Weave (Paula Mc)

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Unwind by Neal Shusterman

‘Unwind’ is the story of three very different teenagers, Connor, sixteen, who is constantly in trouble at school because of his temper, Risa, fifteen, an orphan who was raised in one of the many state homes all over the USA and Lev, thirteen, who has been raised to believe he must make the ultimate sacrifice. Connor, Risa and Lev have one thing in common, they are about to be unwound.

Following the second Civil War, also known as the Heartland War twenty years ago, a war between the Pro-life and Pro-choice armies, the Bill of Life was created, which states that a human life may not be touched from the moment of conception until a child reaches the age of thirteen, this means that between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, a parent or guardian can ‘abort’ their child on the condition that the child’s life does not ‘technically’ end, this process is known as ‘Unwinding’, the child will not die, parts of he/she will harvested for transplants, which has become normal within society, every part of your body can be replaced at the price of ending another person’s life.

Connor is being unwound because of his behaviour, Risa is being unwound because the state home she lives in can no longer afford her and due to the vast amount of abandoned babies who have been ‘storked’ unsuccessfully (‘storked’ is when a baby is abandoned at a person’s house, under the law, the person must accept the baby, if the baby is ignored they eventually arrive at a state home) there is no place for Risa. Lev has been preparing to be unwound since birth because he is a tithe, he been taught that his unwinding will be a contribution in the greater scheme of things, Lev is happy to be unwound the day after his thirteenth birthday. Connor and Risa take the opportunity to run and Lev is forced to run with them, now the three of them are on the run, all they can hope is that they keep running or hidden until they are eighteen. In a world where all teenagers are at risk of being ‘unwound’ by their own parents/guardians, who can they trust?

What I thought of ‘Unwind’ ~

I went through various emotions reading ‘Unwind’, I could not understand how a bill like the Bill of Life could be passed but given the situation within the society and the ‘need’ for transplants, it was acceptable to society, I also found it cruel that all the children who are unwinded are put forward for various reasons, behaviour, lack of money and with such a lack of conscience, what would possess a parent/guardian to do such a thing while telling their children that effectively they will still be alive in someone else, and in some ways they are but the person they were is gone with only parts left.

‘Unwind’ is a strong story with characters who are faced with death before their time, there is so many discussions surrounding the nature of human transplants but with ‘Unwind’, the majority of children are not given an option or are taught to believe it is the right thing to do, there are so many questions raised within this book but it leads back to the same thought, well for me it did, that no one has the right to decide when someone should die. Each character has their own story and as you read you learn more and about them, and the cruelty of their situation, and how they are lied to by people they trust, none of them deserve their fate.

Neal Shusterman has wrote a story with the subject of an future that could happen, which makes it more frightening, at times, sad and in one particular part, heartbreaking, you will care about Connor, Risa, Lev and the rest of the children about to be unwound.

‘Unwind’ is an excellent story, its heartfelt, insightful, and definitely gives you something to think about.

An excellent book, highly recommended and I hope to read more books by Neal Shusterman.

Rating ~ 10/10

Reviewed by Weave (Paula Mc)

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Chocolat by Joanne Harris

‘Chocolat’ is the story of Vianne Rocher (one of her many names) and her daughter Anouk who set up home in the small village of Lansquenet in France just as Lent begins, much to the chagrin of the local priest, Father Reynaud, Vianne opens a chocolate shop opposite the church, Father Reynaud sees this as disrespectful and tempting his flock to break their lent vows, which is the furthest thing from Vianne’s mind, she is there to help and give pleasure with her vast array of chocolates. Some members of the village see Vianne and Anouk as different, to be judged, they do not tolerate anyone different in their village, despite this, Vianne and Anouk begin to make friends in the village who become regulars in the shop and in their own special way, Vianne and Anouk help them, Vianne also accepts the travellers who arrive at Lansquenet along with other members of the village. With the help of Vianne, the villagers begin to open their eyes to their lives and the changes they can make, how will Father Reynaud deal with this?

What I thought of ‘Chocolat’ ~

It took me some time to finally read ‘Chocolat’ and I enjoyed it, Joanne Harris has a wonderful talent of describing places and chocolate!, the book is nicely written and I loved the magical aspect of it. I hope to read the sequel ‘The Lollipop Shoes’ at some point.

A lovely read.

Rating ~ 7/10

Reviewed by Weave (Paula Mc)

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The Girl with the Glass Feet by Ali Shaw

‘The Girl with the Glass Feet’ tells the story of Midas Crook and Ida MacLaird, both very different people who fall in love in the most bizarre of circumstances, Ida’s feet have turned to glass and she does not know why, she knows how they began, so she must return to the fictional St Hauda’s Land to find the only man who can help her.

It’s on St Hauda’s Land she meets lifelong resident, Midas, a man so consumed by his past he does not live, he merely exists, Ida and Midas are so different but they bring the best out of each other and open themselves up to possibilities with the time they have.

I enjoyed ‘The Girl with Glass Feet’, the relationship between Midas and Ida is shown beautifully and the descriptions of the animals and St Hauda’s Land are lovely and well written, you can imagine this harsh but beautiful place. As I said, I enjoyed it but I am in two minds about it (mainly because I was hoping the story would differently) initially it is a very slow read which might put people off but it is worth it to keep reading to read more of Ida and Midas’s story.

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Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story by Carolyn Turgeon

‘Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story’ is the story of Lillian, the original fairy godmother, the godmother who was to make sure that Cinderella went to the ball, meet the Prince, lose her glass slipper at midnight which is found by the Prince and then when the glass slipper fitted, they would live happily ever after.

Not in this reality, in this reality, Cinderella never made it to the Ball and Lillian had already fell in love with the Prince and he with her which led to Lillian being banished from the fairy world and sent her crashing to earth as a human.

Many years later, so many years in fact that Lillian cannot remember how long she has lived in New York, she is now an elderly lady who works in Daedalus books, an almost magical book store which is owned by George, Lillian’s boss and friend. Lillian begins to see subtle changes around her, changes which she soon realises are her fairies sisters returning to take Lillian home to the fairy world but first she must do what she was originally supposed to do, make sure Cinderella meets her Prince.

‘Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story’ is a darker (and more realistic) version of the Cinderella story, you have Lillian, a fallen fairy who still remembers her past life and what she lost and how she lived, she strives to correct the mistake she made, as the story progresses you wonder if it was a mistake, but how the story was supposed to be played.

I enjoyed this book but I was left a bit deflated by the ending but the ending is opened to interpretation.

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The Quiet Road by Annie Frame

‘The Quiet Road’ is the story of Frankford Lucas, a Chief Superintendent within the Police Force, Frankford has worked hard to become Chief Superintendent and wants to keep his job for as long as possible, he is very aware of how many people are waiting for his job.

Frankford’s story begins with a dream, a dream he has had throughout his life, a dream of ‘The Quiet Road’, a place that he always thought as good and a place of safety, this changes, however, because when he dreams of The Quiet Road this time, it has become bleak and frightening, waiting for Frankford is a shadowed figure, who has coloured circles on its cloak, a spirit appears and confronts Frankford and enters his body and he becomes the spirit and commits a horrendous murder. The dream leaves Frankford understandably unsettled and nervous but when he thinks about it rationally, he puts it to the back of his mind until he is confronted by the image of the person he killed in his dream, who tells him, ‘you were there’. So begins Frankford descent into a world he does not recognise, the dreams continue, each coloured circle represented another murder and now Frankford is investigating these murders which he thinks he may or may not be involved in.

‘The Quiet Road’ is an interesting read, it begins as a murder story and as the story progresses goes into a whole new realm which leaves you with something to think about.

Annie Frame takes a subject that she is very knowledgeable about and also has a personal interest in which makes the book more personal and very insightful.

‘The Quiet Road’ has something for everyone and as mentioned give you something to think about and the world around you.


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The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell

‘The Reapers are the Angels’ is the story of Temple, fifteen years old, alone and moving from place to place across a post-apocalyptic America where the undead (or ‘slugs’ as Temple calls them) roam, Temple was born in the years following the return of the dead to parents she cannot remember, the world she lives in is the only world she knows, so she has learned to survive the best way she can by not getting close to anyone, her one attempt of normality ended badly and now she feels safer roaming, trying to find a place where she can settle.

As you know, zombie literature is popular and ‘The Reapers are the Angels’ will definitely become an classic within the genre. Alden Bell takes the subject of zombies and sways it away from the typical maundering zombies searching for brains, instead he shows the aftermath of a world which has changed, from people still living the same lives they lived before it happen to people using the undead as a form of existence, Temple sees all of this on her travels, she is a born survivor and its hard to believe that she is only fifteen years age at certain points in the book.

Temple as a character is well written, throughout the book she seems so detached from the world around her but you quickly realise, its not so much detachment as living in the world she has always known and as the story progresses you find out more and more about Temple (as much as she wants to tell you as narrator) and you know there is one way for Temple to go, you see glimpses of what Temple would have been like in a different world, which is sad to read because by the end of the book you will genuinely care for Temple

There has been comparisons between ‘The Angels are the Reapers’ and ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy but I do not think there is, ‘The Angels are the Reapers’ is different in the fact that it is not so much how much carnage can be made but the way one person looks at the world.

Read it as soon possible.

Reviewed by Weave.

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Imprint by Annie Frame

‘Imprint’ is the story of Hercular Rose, a soul who has arrived at the Library of Souls and looking through the pages of her soul journal.  In the journals are her past souls, or imprints and by looking at her past lives she must learn from her mistakes to move on.

‘Imprint’ is a definitely a book that gives you a lot to think about and should be read with an open mind, the book is an interesting read and I could relate to it in some ways and it did answer some questions I had as someone who does believe in life after death.

An interesting and insightful read.

Reviewed by Weave.

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