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Give Away – Banquet For The Damned by Adam Nevill

There’s another give away in progress, for what I felt was a rather excellent book! 🙂

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Banquet For The Damned by Adam L G Nevill

Imagine having nightmares, then imagine waking up from one, to discover that there’s something in your room with you.. and you’re unable to move. Now imagine waking up in a strange location, such as a beach or cellar, and being chased by that same creature. These ‘night terrors’ are starting to occur in the University town of St Andrews, and students are going missing.

Into this town come Dante and Tom, rock musicians who have hit bad times. Dante has been invited by his idol, Professor Coldwell, who wrote ‘Banquet For The Damned’, a book that had a profound effect on Dante. The Professor, however, is not quite what he expected.

Adam’s Banquet For The Damned is a chilling supernatural tale of the occult. This is a horror story that doesn’t rely on the sex and gore of some of the modern books, but rather presents a well told tale which reminded me of the more classic horror stories, from the likes of MR James and Edgar Allen Poe. Like all good tales, it facilitates the use of your imagination.

The various characters are well developed, being flawed and believable. The town is described as a place for students, but with a dark history – a history that is once again coming alive.

This is a tale that kept me hooked, wanting to know what was coming next, and what would happen to the various people involved. The ending, which often disappoints, was spot on, building to a climax, then ending on a satisfactory note. This is one to be re-read in the future, and I will be watching for more from this author.

Interview with Adam

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