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The Pilo Family Circus by Will Elliott

Interesting idea, and this started off well, but tailed off towards the end, and I found the ending disappointing.

The book starts off with a young man, Jamie, who lives an unremarkable life, unwittingly finding himself (through a series of events seemingly almost beyond his control) auditioning as a clown in the Pilo Family Circus. However, this is no ordinary circus – it is somewhere near to but not on our planet, and is populated by all sorts of evil and frightening creatures. The clowns, which Jamie joins are gleefully murderous and sadistic, and when Jamie finds himself sharing his body with his alter ego, JJ the clown. Unfortunately, JJ is evil and cruel, and Jamie finds himself battling for control of his body and mind.

The real villain of the piece though is not, despite initial impressions, Gonko the head clown – rather it is Kurt Pilo, one of the owners of the circus, who lacks any kind of conscience or better nature whatsoever.

Can Jamie find a way back to his ordinary life? To be honest – although I enjoyed the first half of the book – by the end I had stopped really caring.

Despite this, there was enough to enjoy here for me to consider reading another book by this author, if and when he writes one.  

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