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Grassmarket Blood by Bronwen Winter Phoenix

From the first line of the ‘Author Disclaimer’ – I am a teller of tall tales – you knew that this was going to be a good book. As an avid reader of Bronwen’s first two books, I could not wait to get started on GRASSMARKET BLOOD. Fast paced from the beginning, I was absorbed instantly into the secret world hidden in the streets of Edinburgh. A thriller full of sinister suspense with a touch of romance and quick wit, it kept me turning the pages. Likeable characters with their own quirky traits, made Grassmarket Blood very readable as well as gripping. Once again Bronwen has written an extremely brilliant, fantastic book, which didn’t disappoint. Bronwen’s stories just gets better and better.

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Nightswallow ~ Bronwen Winter Phoenix

‘Night Swallow is dead. A former travel journalist, she lost herself in beautiful worlds far from the London apartment where she was murdered. Following a series of dark events on an isolated island, she must face her face as she is forced to learn the ways of the spirits around her. As things start to spiral out of control, she is sucked deeper into a world she no longer recognises to battle the unstoppable force she uncovered on her travels. With help from mesmerising spirits along the way ~ Magnus, a mysterious loner; Gabrielle, an extravagant former theatre actress and Leon, an unusual librarian with a penchant for seeing the dead ~ Night has to stop her killer from destroying all that she loved. But will her unfinished business lead her to the final answer?’


My thoughts:

Well, what a fantastic book! Considering this is only the author’s second book, it is written as if she has been writing forever!


From the first sentence I was hooked, I was even showing my friends what a great first line this book started with!


Following Night’s journey, you are taken into the past as well as the present; both stories intertwining brilliantly.


I loved the characters, particularly Magnus and the description of places, people and events were brilliantly written. The life after death aspect has certainly given me something to think about.


A great book and I look forward to reading more of the author’s work. This will go down as one of my favourite books of the year.

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