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Dancing With His Heart by Katherine Warwick

Synopsis from official site:
Playboy and philanthropist, Alex offers first class sponsorship to Lauren and her dance partner. Given their tumultuous past, Lauren is suspicious. Without resources, the single mother of a handicapped child is forced to take Alex’s offer. His plan is to prove that he’s changed, and win her heart. But trust is not easily won even with the sizzling sparks the two of them ignite on and off the dance floor, and they both face more trouble when a dark figure from their past shows up with devious intentions for them both.

Having no previous interest in ballroom dancing, and an avoidance of anything I deem ‘romantic’, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book.. and was very very pleasantly surprised!

The romance is well done, with a strong male lead, but an equally strong female one. Lauren’s priorities lie very firmly with her daughter, and this part of the story gives an interesting glimpse into living with a child with autism.

With a focus on ballroom dancing, I was a little concerned that it would overwhelm the story, and I would lose interest, but Katherine manages to do the opposite.. another great insight.

In addition to all this, this is a book that sizzles along, with energy and passion.

My one criticism would be that it feels a little short, but other than that, if you’ve avoided ‘romance’ before, maybe give this one a shot?

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Reviewed by Michelle

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