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The Lost Diary of Don Juan by Douglas Carlton Abrams

Seville, Spain in the year 1593 is a wealthy city.  The gold and riches pouring in from the New World have led to prosperity for Spain but unfortunately the country has lost many of its men to recent wars and the colonization of the New World.  There are more widows and lonely wives than ever before.  The result of the low male population is the rise of the Galanteador, a gallant or seducer.  The most successful and famous of these was Don Juan Tenorio.

Don Juan was abandoned as an infant at a convent in Seville.  He was raised by the nuns who were thrilled to have a child in their care.  Growing up amidst a group of women has great advantages for Don Juan.  He learns to understand and love them in a way that many men do not.   At the age of fifteen he falls in love with a young novice but their affair is found out and he is expelled from the convent.   He briefly lives in a nearby monastery where he is mistreated by the monks, so he leaves to make his own way in the world. 

After several years as a burglar Juan is befriended by a Marquis who trains him to be a spy and Galanteador.   Juan learns quickly and soon exceeds the Marquis in talent.  He becomes famous for his exploits with women.  He worships women and he believes that he could never be happy with just one.  His happiness lies in showing each different woman how beautiful she is, regardless of her age, race or station in life.  Then one day Don Juan meets the beautiful Ana and she has an unexpected effect on him.

The narrative will leave you breathless.  It has amazing sword fights, frantic escapes, a fantastic bull fight, the horrors and torture of the Inquisition and steamy love scenes.   It is full of action and excitement and I couldn’t put it down!   The characters run the gamut from charming and endearing to dastardly and evil.   I was rooting for Don Juan as he grew from his experiences and finally learned the truth about love.

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