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Emotional Geology by Linda Gillard

Rose Leonard is on the run from her life.

Taking refuge in a remote island community, she cocoons herself in work, silence and solitude in a house by the sea. But she is haunted by her past, by memories and desires she’d hoped were long dead. Rose must decide whether she has chosen a new life or just a different kind of death. Life and love are offered by new friends, her lonely daughter and most of all Calum, a fragile younger man who has his own demons to exorcise.

But does Rose, with her tenuous hold on life and sanity, have the courage to say yes to life and put her past behind her?
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I loved this book from the very first page. It immediately pulls you in, as the story starts to unfold. Rose has bi-polar, and although I don’t know how accurate the portrayal it is, it seems very real, and gives a rather frightening insight.

Rose’s past is gradually revealed as the story develops, along with it’s affect on her present.. and the people around her. Her relationship with Calum is explored, as well as the one she has with the daughter.

The author calls it “an off-beat love story”, but it offers so much more. It remains a warm, positive story, whilst not shying away from the thoughts and emotions that are needed to make it come alive. It’s a book to lose yourself in, and I will be searching out more from this author.

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