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Ink Exchange – Melissa Marr


Amazon Synopsis
Mortal affections and faery rivalries continue to collide in the town of Huntsdale, as New York Times bestselling author Melissa Marr takes urban fantasy to new heights. After suffering a terrible trauma at the hands of her brother’s dealer friends, Leslie becomes obsessed with the idea of getting a tattoo — it’s the one thing that will allow her to reclaim her body, renew her self-confidence. And when Rabbit, her local tattoo artist, shows her a secret book of his own designs, she finds one of them irresistible. Soon, her back is adorned with a pair of mysterious eyes, framed by black wings. Leslie feels good — more than good. Nothing bad can touch her. But what she doesn’t know is that her new tattoo binds her tightly to the faery whose symbol she chose: Irial, the exquisitely dangerous king of the Dark Court


My Thoughts

This is the sequel to Wicked Lovely. It’s a dark faery tale; with the main character Leslie having been the victim of abuse that was instigated by her own brother. In an effort to hide her pain she decides to express herself by having a tattoo. She unwittingly chooses a design that incorporates the eyes of the Faery King of the Dark Court. What follows is a tale that is darker than any other faery tale I’ve read. At times Marr seems to ramble and her writing is confusing, but this is a story that is well worth sticking with, as the suspense just builds and builds. I can’t wait to see what Marr has in store for her readers next.
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