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The Virgin of Small Plains by Nancy Pickard

Unfortunately, the trite and cliched writing let this book down – a shame, because the story itself is very gripping, even if there were a few too many convenient coincidences to move the story along.

In 1987, a young girl is found in dead on a ranch in the Kansas town of Small Plains, on a night when the town is facing a terrible blizzard.  That same night, young Mitch Newquist disappears suddenly and without warning from the town, leaving his devastated girlfriend Abbey heartbroken and confused.
Never identified, the dead girl is buried in a grave, and she quickly inspires a legend – that she is able to perform miracles, such as healing the sick and helping the needy.  
In 2004, the town is struck by another terrible blizzard, and three prominent families in the village are drawn back into the events of 17 years earlier – events that many of them want to keep secret.  And when Mitch Newquist returns to the town, it stirs up turmoil and anguish for these families, until eventually the truth is revealed.
I did predict some of the things that happened, but others I did not see coming.  The story itself was enough to keep me reading, but the writing was amateurish, and there was an excruciatingly bad sex scene!  Nonetheless, for a quick and easy read, this will do the trick.
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