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Stained Souls by Ferran O’Neill

How well do any of us really know the people we surround ourselves with?  Sandra Reid is a Police Officer returning to work after the tragic death of her husband.  Although a gentle start would have suited Sandra better, she finds herself landed right in the middle of a gruesome case, about someone with murderous intentions who is targeting women with a secret in their past.  Sandra finds herself getting drawn further and further into a case, where the person they are after always seems to be one step ahead.  As Sandra’s own family suddenly find themselves in danger, Sandra and her boss Jeff seem to come up against one dead end after another.  Matters are not helped by several people who have good reasons to want to hide their own parts in past events, but sometimes you just can’t keep the truth hidden forever.

I really enjoyed this thriller.  It rattles along at a fair old pace, and there are plenty of twists and turns – several of which I did not see coming – and I never could have guessed the twist at the end!  There are several threads to the story, and throughout the book, we see them drawing together, and learn how they are intertwined.  I did need to concentrate on the story – the whole direction of the story can change in just a few pages and a lack of concentration could really cause confusion – but that is not a complaint and it did not spoil it at all for me.

For those of a queasy nature, it’s worth mentioning that there are a few very descriptive gruesome moments!

If you like psychological thrillers, or good crime stories, I would recommend this book.  I look forward to more from this author.

Published by four o’ clock press, at

Price £9.99 (22.10.2008 on

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