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Interview with the Vampire: Claudia’s Story – Anne Rice / Ashley Marie Witter

Claudia’s Story is a retelling of Interview with the Vampire, from the viewpoint of Claudia, and presented in a gorgeous graphic novel.

For those not familiar with the books, Claudia is just a child when turned into a vampire. She’s looked after by Lestat and Louis, two very different vampires. As she grows in mind, but not in body, she comes to love one and hate the other, whilst questioning her life, her kind, and her future.

I would imagine that most people interested in this book will be existing fans of the series, but I came to it with a different perspective, as someone with no real knowledge.

The artwork in the book is wonderful. It has a general sepia tone to it, but with splashes of colour when blood and fire are involved, which stand out in a stunning way. There is great detail within the drawings, along with the manga feel, a great combination.

I’m fairly new to graphic novels, and I’m always concerned whether they can portray a story in enough detail, but this one has me converted. Although this is Claudia’s story, I also felt Lestat and Louis were richly portrayed.

Not only does the horror come across well, thanks to the rich graphics and use of colour, but there’s a sensuality to it as well.

This really should appeal to many people. For existing readers of the series, it offers a new viewpoint, and for those curious about it, it’s a great introduction. Readers of graphic novels should find plenty to love, and those unsure about the format may just find themselves converted.

Stunning, rich in detail, horrific and sensual.

Published by Headline, 22nd Nov 2012

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Eternals by Neil Gaiman

I picked this up firstly because it was recommended, and secondly (or predominantly) because Neil Gaiman is the author. I have scarcely devoted any time to reading Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels (where as I love his novels) so I thought I would give this one a go!

I’m not familiar with the original Marvel comic series of the Eternals and I think that this actually helps when reading this book. The reader gets to discover the hidden histories of these ancient characters as the characters themselves realise their lives are not all they appear to be. It is a cleverly unfolding story and each issue provides equal measure of questions and answers to peak your interest.

This book contains the collected first seven issues and it does very much feel like a beginning and back story to greater things to come – I look forward to the action really starting!

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Mr. Fooster Traveling on a Whim by Tom Corwin, illustrated by Craig Frazier


In this slim volume you will find the eye opening story of Mr. Fooster’s travels. He goes for walks with seemingly no purpose but to see what he will see. Along the way he has interesting and surprising encounters and makes good use of his old bottle of bubble soap.


The author has written a lovely tale that encourages adults to think outside the box and try to remember the wonder and imagination that we had as children. As we grow up we forget to stop and really look at things and we forget to ask questions. In so doing, we miss opportunities that we might have had, were we more open-minded.


The lyric prose is accompanied by Craig Frazier’s lovely sepia toned pen and ink illustrations that enhance the story. You can see the Mr. Fooster brought to life at the website !

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