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Friday Nights – Joanna Trollope

Blurb from the inside flap;

It’s Eleanor who starts the Friday nights. From her window she sees two young women, with small children, separate, struggling and plainly lonely – and decides to ask them in, and see what happens. What happens is that a group gradually forms, a group of six different and disparate women, who become a circle of friends. They range in age from Jules, who is twenty-two and wants to be a DJ, to Eleanor herself, who is a retired professional and walks with a stick. They include one wife, three mothers, three singletons and five working women. They all of them, variously, value Friday nights. And then one of them meets a man – an enigmatic significant man – and the whole dynamic changes. The bonds that have been so closely forged are tested – and some of them break.

As per usual with Joanna Trollope’s books, they encourage me to read in great big chunks. I immerse myself into the book and don’t come out until it’s all finished in a way that I don’t with other books.
This book is not as good as say ‘Other People’s Children’ but I have enjoyed it nevertheless. There is lots of detail and history of the main characters and a story that ebbs and flows gently just enought to make you want to find out what happens in the end.
The next one should be a corker!

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