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Kathy Balland – Lose The Diet


Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? You have the power to look and feel great without dieting. With this book, your weight and your life can bring you peace of mind. You ll find answers that will end your need for dieting and uncomfortable food deprivation that ultimately leads to weight gain. Instead, you’ll find the good health and happiness that you deserve. Lose the Diet is your complete, easy-to-use guide for reconnecting with yourself and discovering the power to achieve and maintain a healthy weight without diets. Drop the diets and the weight in a healthy and natural way. Find out why deprivation doesn t work. Learn about the mind-body-soul connections effect on weight. Discover that happiness leads to a healthy weight rather than the other way around.


A guide for reconnecting with yourself as a way to lose weight. Each chapter covers a different aspect in achieving this such as meditation, fitness and relationships with other people, especially focusing on the fact many people have lost the connection with the world, other people and even themselves, causing them to eat unhealthy food out of unhappiness and boredom.

As a yo-yo dieter for many years, I hoped this book would be full of different information on the battle of weight loss and I wasn’t disappointed. This book is a positive experience from page 1, focusing on what you can change in your life and help to achieve those changes rather than focusing on any failures you may experience along the way. I love the tips and techniques that are scatted throughout, and will definitely be referring back to them as my weight loss attempts continue. I’ve learned a lot, especially about the power of positive thinking and focusing on your goals, using meditation and visualisation to get you there. As an emotional eater, I really think this is the perfect book to help you overcome the hurdles that make you eat out of sadness or loneliness, and eat only out of hunger therefore controlling your weight. I think this book has a unique approach, focusing on healing yourself to help you lose weight, rather than starving yourself or joining some fad diet.

Rating: 4/5

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