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The Prophecy of the Kings – David Burrows

Amazon Product Description

All three books in one. Long ago the Eldric mysteriously disappeared from the land, shortly after the Krell Wars when Drachar’s shade was finally banished from the world. Perhaps they believed the threat was gone, but in leaving they took with them their sorcery, the only effective means of defeating demons. Then came the Prophecy. Only one thing is certain in the cryptic lines, Drachar’s shade will one day return. Against this backdrop three men seek what became of the Eldric. One man, Vastra, recklessly ambitious and driven by greed for power, harbours a secret for which he will kill to protect. His companions, Kaplyn and Lars have their own reasons for helping, but who will succeed? Vastra seeks an Eldric talisman and his journey is fraught with peril, already there are clear signs that demons once again seek souls. None of the men realise the train of events they are about to set in motion will affect three worlds, nearly destroying theirs in the process..

My Thoughts

This is a mystical tale filled with fantastic action scenes. It’s set in a land inhabited by  dragons, 3 princes, wizards, astral travelling, demons and tree spiders! The 3 princes have many adventures and get caught in several battles which involve a lot of marvellous sword wielding action. Burrows has written an amazing epic fantasy that will have you glued to the pages. The author is a fan of LOTR and his trilogy is in a similar vein, yet is filled with original ideas that are unique to Burrows. This amazing trilogy is a must read for all fans of fantasy lands and epic battle scenes.

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