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The Oven House by Lynne Rees

..she feels raw, like burnt skin, like nails broken below the quick, the breath in her throat as sharp as razors, though she has no right to feel any of this, as she is the one burning and breaking and cutting up the life they have shared for ten years.
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This is basically the story of a married woman, who falls in love with another man, and enters a passionate affair with him. And yet, it’s much more than that – it explores many aspects of love, of loss, and of eventual healing. It’s also beautifully written, as Lynne takes us deep into Breeze’s life, and lays open her varying emotions. It’s a book to get lost in, and this is an author to look out for!

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Messages by Sarah Salway and Lynne Rees

The concept behind this book was to write 300 pieces, each consisting of exactly 300 words. The two authors took it in turns, with a 72 hour deadline for each one. Each piece was to have some connection to the previous, be it the theme, or just a word.

The book opens with a short introduction from each author, which adds a personal touch right at the outset. Tucked inside the messages is a further personal one, just waiting to be found.

The messages themselves are varied, ranging from touching, to amusing. Some of the links between the pieces are obvious, some more subtle.. and that’s part of the joy of this book, you have no idea what awaits you as you turn each page.

I’ve previously read Sarah’s Leading The Dance, a collection of short stories which I enjoyed, and will be going back to. I am now awaiting the arrival of The Oven House, by Lynne Rees, as I very much enjoyed her style too. The two ladies compliment each other well, and I’d love to know who wrote which piece. 🙂

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