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Something From Tiffany’s by Melissa Hill

Title: Something from Tiffany’sImage
Author: Melissa Hill
ISBN: 978-0340993361
Publisher:  Hodder

First Published:  Oct 2011 (paperback)
No .of pages:  416

Rating: 3/5

Synopsis (from Amazon):
Doesn’t every girl dream of getting . . . something from Tiffany’s?
It’s Christmas Eve. And on 5th Avenue in New York City, two very different men are shopping for gifts for the women they love.
Gary is buying his girlfriend Rachel a charm bracelet. Partly to thank her for paying for their holiday-of-a-lifetime to New York. But mainly because he’s left his Christmas shopping far too late.
Whereas Ethan’s looking for something a little more special – an engagement ring for the first woman to have made him happy since he lost the love of his life.
But when the two men’s shopping bags get confused, and Rachel somehow ends up with Ethan’s ring, the couples’ lives become intertwined. And, as Ethan tries to reunite the ring with the woman it was actually intended for, he finds it trickier than expected.
Does fate have other ideas for the couples? Or is there simply a bit of Tiffany’s magic in the air . . .

Christmas Eve in New York and two purchases are being made from the world famous Tiffany’s.  Two very lucky ladies will have the joy of finding a little blue box under their tree; however, after a shopping bag mix up, the contents of those boxes are not intended for those that receive them.

We follow the story of Gary and Rachel and Ethan and Vanessa (with the help of little Daisy) as the search is on to retrieve the correct gifts.

Whilst I was a little frustrated at the roundabout ways in which the characters dealt with the circumstances that had arisen, I was able to suspend my criticism of their actions to go along with it  enjoy the story unfolding.  It has everything in there for a good read; A little bit of mystery, a few good twists, a little splash of romance and magic and of course, a little blue box from Tiffany’s.  Definitely recommended for light, enjoyable reading.

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Wishful Thinking by Melissa Hill

Synopsis (from back page)

Three women with three very different lives board the train to Dublin. Each of them looking for something out of reach.

Every day Rosie Mitchell desperately misses her late husband Martin, but will giving her grown-up children everything they want bring her happiness? And is it too late for Rosie to carve out a new life and find a new purpose?

Recently married Dara Campbell, successful solicitor in her mid-30s, has it all but is blinded by memories. Dara can’t see that her fantasy is standing in the way of a happy marriage. When faced with a blast from the past Dara has some tough decisions to make.

Louise Patterson is only 24 but has had a tough start in life and now she’s determined to live for the moment, but will her drive to appear the party girl in the face of mounting debts be her undoing? And are her new friends all they appear to be?

Can these women learn to look forward and accept the good things already in their lives? As the train heads towards Dublin little do they know that fate has something else in store for them.

Rosie, Dara and Louise realise that wishes don’t just grant themselves. You have to take your wish, and make it happen all by yourself.


Wishful Thinking follows the lives of three women who are all connected by the same train journey, a journey that they make each morning. The story actually starts on the day that the train fails to arrive at it’s final destination and instead derails just a few miles into it’s journey. It’s at this point that the story jumps back four months earlier and where we’re introduced to our main characters for the first time.

This opening chapter immediately grabs you and makes you want to keep reading, not that I would have given up anyway as I am a huge fan of the author, but as the story unfolds you can’t help but worry about the fates of the three women who you come to know and love as if they were real people.

All three of these women are extremely likable, if a little naive at times, and I think it’s this fact that makes them so real and believable. The problems they all have are ones that real women have to deal with and as a result you can relate to them about everything that’s happening in their own lives.

In fact as they are all so likable I’m actually finding it really difficult to pick a favourite, so with this in mind I’m going to go with Twix the spaniel who I came to love from the very first moment she was introduced. Such a sweet little dog and without giving anything away I had tears literally streaming down my face a couple of times during the scenes involving her…particularly that last one which has to be one of the saddest things I’ve ever read.

Another thing that I loved about this book, was the fact that the three main characters were connected or should I say their lives intertwined in other ways other than the fact that they all happened to take the same journey each morning and yet they never actually officially meet. I thought this was a really nice touch and one that I didn’t expect…I guess I thought they would all end up having more of a history together so the fact that they never even spoke was a nice little surprise.

I’ve now read all of Melissa’s books and have loved every single one of them and even though I don’t think the twists in this book were quite as shocking or as unexpected as the ones featured in her other books, this was still a really good and enjoyable read and one that I’m sure I will read again at some point in the future.

Another page-turner from a fantastic storyteller.

Reviewed by Karen.

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The Last To Know by Melissa Hill

Synopsis (from back page)

Eve knows what she wants. After nine good years and two lovely children, it’s about time Liam made an honest woman of her. After all, they’re as good as married anyway.

Eve’s sister Sam knows more than she should. Sam has always thought that Eve’s too good for Liam. And she can’t help but be suspicious about the long business trips to Australia that take him away from his family all too often.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Brooke knows nothing. Then a mysterious delivery arrives and promises to change her life forever. It seems someone doesn’t want Brooke to be the last to know…


The Last To Know is a very cleverly written book that actually tells a story within a story and the way in which this is achieved is something that I personally have never come across before but one which I found to work extremely well here.

This book is in no way predictable or boring. In fact this one, like Hill’s previous ones, makes compulsive reading and will not only keep you on the edge of your seat but will also have you turning the pages long into the night.

I, probably like many other readers, had my own theories and ideas as to how the storyline would unfold but just as I thought I knew where the book was headed – bam – I was hit between the eyes with one hell of a twist which was not only completely unexpected but was totally shocking in itself and which left me literally gasping for breath. However this is not the only twist in the story, the second one which comes in the final half a dozen chapters or so is just as unexpected as the first, however it does tie up a few loose ends as to how all the characters are intertwined so in that respect it’s a very welcome one.

This is without a doubt an extremely compulsive read and one which I would highly recommend to everyone.

Reviewed by Karen.

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Something You Should Know by Melissa Hill

Synopsis (from back page)

Her mouth went dry and for a second Jenny didn’t think she would be able to breath – it couldn’t be him, could it?

Just when everything was going so well for Jenny and Mike, Roan Williams had to come back into their lives. Four years earlier, while her friends Tessa, Gerry, Karen and Shane were falling in love and heading for happy ever after, love-rat Roan had broken Jenny’s heart and completely shattered her life. Harbouring a terrible lie, Jenny had struggled to pick up the pieces of her life, but if Roan was going to be around, the truth would have to come out.

It would ruin everything but Mike had a right to know…


Something You Should Know is the debut novel by Irish author Melissa Hill and a book that I was really looking forward to reading as I absolutely loved Never Say Never and Not What You Think both of which I found to be real page-turners and this one is no exception.

Admittedly the cover is very pink and very girly and yes without a doubt this is definitely more of a book for women readers but it’s certainly not your average frothy and predictable chick lit book which is what the cover may lead you to believe and which is the direction that even the synopsis tends to lean in. But don’t be fooled – it is in fact so much more than that.

From the very first page you’re drawn in to the lives of the two main characters, Jenny and Karen, but after setting the scene and giving you some insight in to their lives now, the book jumps back to four years previously and it’s from this point on that the story really gets going. As we follow their lives over the course of these four years we’re treated to a real roller-coaster ride of emotion which will have you laughing out loud one minute and then crying with pain the next.

Melissa Hill is a fantastic story teller who has a real talent for writing her books with the most amazing twists and turns which are so totally unexpected that just when you think you know where the storyline is going, it’ll suddenly shift and move in the completely opposite direction and it’s these twists and turns that make this book so special and that will leave you guessing the outcome right up until the very end.

Overall this is a fantastic and really moving read and I’m still amazed at just how good Melissa Hill is at deceiving her readers into believing one thing when in reality something completely different is actually happening.

A real gripping read.

Reviewed by Karen.

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