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Hitler and Mars Bars by Dianne Ascroft

This is the story of a young German boy who becomes part of Operation Shamrock which helped German children after the Second World War by moving them to foster families in other parts of Europe.  In Erich’s case he is moved to Ireland.  We follow his experiences from his life in Germany during the latter stages of the War and the consequent journey taken to Ireland.  Unable initially to communicate in English we are shown his sense of isolation, his longing to be returned to his mother and his adjustment to his new way of life.  Written from Erich’s point of view we are able to understand the difficulties he faces but can also share the good times.

I always enjoy a novel which teaches me something new and certainly until I read about this book I was unaware of Operation Shamrock – through other books like Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and The Book Thief we are able to gain the German perspective of issues relating to the Second War World – and it is refreshing to exposed to the ‘other side of the coin’.

This is a good and interesting read.

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