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The Vampire’s Revenge by Raven Hart

The Vampire’s Revenge is the 5th book in the Savannah Vampire Chronicles – it’s possible to read it as a stand alone book, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You can find out more about the series, and it’s previous books here.. if you like the sound of it, I suggest you rush out and order The Vampire’s Seduction as soon as you can, because you have a lot to look forward to!

The fact that it’s part of a series makes it a difficult book to review.. you will find other reviews giving you an outline of the story, but not only will that spoil your experience of this book, but it will certainly spoil your experience of The Vampire’s Betrayal!

I will say that for those who have read the previous books.. the series continues to develop and expand at it’s usual pace. The focus is on Jack and Connie, which Jack having to make many changes.. to both his circumstances, and himself. The rest of Raven’s world continues to be revealed.. who could guss there was so much going on in Savannah!?

There were a few situations that seemed to be resolved a little too quickly, which in my opinion missed an oppertunity for a little more tension. But then again, Raven has so much going on in this world, that maybe the pace was necessary.

For those of you still waiting to pick up this series, what are you waiting for?! :0)

Overall a great addition to the series, leading nicely in book six!

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Blog Give Away – The Vampire’s Seduction by Raven Hart

Again, a quick post for those of you who have us in your RSS reader.

Details of the give away are here.

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The Savannah Vampire Chronicles by Raven Hart

The Vampire’s Seduction
The Vampire’s Secret
The Vampire’s Kiss
The Vampire’s Betrayal
The Vampire’s Revenge
(Coming Soon)
by Raven Hart

I have reviewed these separately in the past, but without much detail. As Raven is about to give away a signed copy of The Vampire’s Seduction to one of our readers, I decided to write a general review of the series so far…

A while ago, a friend suggested that I pick up The Vampire’s Seduction, which surprised me, as this was not a genre that I expected her to like. I have to admit that the ‘Seduction’ part worried me, and I expected a romance read, not my usual thing.

Cindy eventually sent me a signed copy from the author, I started reading, and was hooked! My immediate reaction was that this was a book difficult to put into a specific genre. It was certainly not a typical horror book, nor was it a romance, or a chick-lit type vampire book. Instead, it seemed to blend everything.. yes, there was love, but also lust. Yes, there’s some horror, but also some wonderful relationships to explore.

There are two main vampire characters, who we are introduced to at the beginning of the book. William is an ancient vampire, who is made even more powerful by his connection to a voodoo Princess. William has many issues, but is basically a ‘good guy’.

Jack is a younger vampire, whom William has ‘sired’.. which means that he made him into a vampire, and they now have a connection. Jack is very different to William, he has a lot of respect for him, but they also have many disagreements. It makes for an interesting relationship.

The story continues in book two, as they both continue to battle William’s own sire, and as we go into book three, William and Jack are divided, fighting separate battles in different countries. This gives each character a chance to develop on their own, and also introduces many other characters, such as werewolves, and a Goddess! Of course, the Goddess and Jack just happen to be in a relationship…!

The Vampire’s Betrayal kept me sitting up night, needing to read more, as the story gallops along. Raven has expanded the vampire world, pulling in all her other characters. It has the feel of a great series, which could run and run. I’m already excited about book five!

Find all the books here on

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The Vampire’s Betrayal by Raven Hart

Jack risks his life by opening a portal to the underworld to rescue Connie. While in the land of the dead, he witnesses an awesome ceremony as a band of honest-to-God angels swear Connie in as the vampire slayer! Using the power of his love, Jack manages to bring Connie back to the land of the living even though she threatens the existence of him and his kind.

Connie has no memory of being anointed the vampire slayer, and her activation won’t be complete until a mysterious sword materializes. William orders Jack to kill her for her own good before she discovers her deadly mission. After all, if she dies before she is activated, she will spend eternity in paradise with her baby son. But if she lives to become the slayer, she will be immortal, doomed to the existence of a half-vampire, half-human killer. But how can an anguished Jack kill the woman he loves?

Meanwhile, the bloodthirsty Old Lords work to harness elemental powers to raise the evil dead! Their wicked plan would free every twice-killed vampire from hell and turn them loose on the citizens of Savannah. William, weakened by a power he doesn’t understand, must do battle with the Vampire Council before they can unleash their bloodthirsty minions. Will he be able to survive the double onslaught of the Old Lords and the vampire slayer?
From the website.

I absolutely love this series, and this book is my favourite so far. The beginning of the series was very much about Jack and William, the two main vampires, but each new book has expanded the world around them, introducing more great characters, and storylines.

As I’ve said before, this isn’t ‘vampire chicklit’, nor is it traditional horror. Instead, it seems to sit in a little genre all of it’s own. (Of course, others who have read other vampire books may disagree with me, and I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. After all, there are some that I haven’t yet read.)

The characters are as well written as always, meaning that you get caught up with their stories, and care about their outcomes.. and the storylines in this one race along at quite a pace.

I sat up into the night trying to get this one finished.. even though I didn’t want it to end!

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The Vampire’s Kiss by Raven Hart

The Savannah Vampires series continues as William goes to Europe to rescue a kidnapped voodoo princess. Hearing William is AWOL, a band of mangy, meth-cooking werewolves challenge Jack for dominance of Savannah’s unhuman underworld.
Official Site

This is book three in The Savannah Vampires series, and it certainly doesn’t fail to deliver!

This book sees William and Jack, the two main vampires, fighting their own separate battles, which gives Raven an opportunity to develop her other characters, and introduce yet more.

There is definitely a shift in this book, and it now feels part of a series. There is plenty to keep all interested, as we now have a range of shape shifters introduced, and a possible slayer.. who just happens to be Jack’s love interest!

The series is out in a genre all of it’s own.. it’s not your traditional ‘horror’, nor is it a light vampire flick. There is some horror, and some sex, but also love, lust and humour.

I’m finding it hard to wait for the next one!

Review by Michelle

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