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Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson

Business Stripped Bare

Business Stripped Bare

Although this book is marketed as a Business book, it has a much wider appeal. It offers some very interesting glimpses into how Richard Branson runs his companies, as well as some of the global issues that he believes in.

During the course of the book, he outlines how he first started in business, and how he grew Virgin Records from very little. He also gives insights into the mobile phone business, his airlines, and even space travel.

It’s interesting to discover that Richard does not view ‘Virgin’ as one large company, but rather as a brand.. each section runs as a separate business, with it’s own team. Richard also believes strongly in a happy workforce, and those he employs often move amongst the various businesses, especially when they have specific skills to share.

As well as business, Richard is highly involved in health issues in Africa, and he’s passionate about global warming. He believes that businesses have social responsibilities too, and the book outlines some of the ways he is trying to tackle these issues.

Even as someone not involved in business, I found the book easy to read, and interesting. Dotted throughout are points that Richard feels are important when running a business, be it large or small.. but many of these are also relevant for our day to day lives.

This is an interesting read, giving an insight into the business world, as well as Richard himself.

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Business Stripped Bare is published by Virgin Books – hardback £20
If you wish to view more before buying, Random House have provided a widget previewing 43 pages, which can be found here.

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