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Second Chance – Jane Green

Blurb from the back cover;

Holly Macintosh is sitting round her kitchen table  with her oldest friends – friends she hasn’t seen since school – now reunited by an unexpected tragedy and catching up on the past twenty years.

On the surface, they are all successful and happy. But scratch a little deeper after that extra glass of wine and it’s not quite so straightforward: Paul and Anna are struggling to have a baby, Saffron the actress is still waiting for that really big break that – at thirty-nine is looking less  and less likely, and Olivia, always the wallflower of the group, is newly single and mourning her lost love.

And what about Holly Mac? Can she and her husband Marcus get their marriage back on track for the sake of the children? Or has someone just come back into her life who will change everything forever?

I really wanted to like this book because I have so enjoyed others by Jane Green. Her books are Chick-Lit genre but usually a good engrossing, entertaining read. Unfortunately I just could not get to like the main characters in Second Chance. There are plenty of them, Holly being the main one but all are covered in some depth. They are all linked by the death of an almost mythically saint like male school friend whom they haven’t seen for twenty years but are all devastated by, especially Holly Mac who was the closest to him. I think this is the crux of the problem for me, that we are supposed to believe that the main characters are so deeply affected by this tragic death. It came across as a bit contrived and implausible. However it is a good ploy to bring them all back together and explore what has happened to them all. It just felt as though I had come across these predictable characters before in other books and I couldn’t identify with them and maybe that is just saying something about me. Maybe I just need to stop reading Chick-Lit for a while.

It’s a great beach read keeping your attention just enough to want to carry on reading to the end. Hopefully better to come from Jane Green.


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