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I’m Not Supposed To Feel Like This by Chris Williams

I’m Not Supposed To Feel Like This by Chris Williams was recommended to me by my counsellor and I have found it incredibly useful.

Here is the blurb from Amazon:

Depression is so common that it has been described as ‘the common cold of psychiatry’. It is particularly difficult for Christians – there is often a feeling that Christians ’shouldn’t’ get depressed, and that it and anxiety are the result of a poor or damaged relationship with God. I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE THIS is an empowering and practical response to such common feelings. In the style of a workbook, with constant reference to the Bible, and the example of Jesus, it helps the reader to understand why they feel the way they do, and to draw on God’s love and grace to find a path through depression and anxiety. The authors are all Christians, and experienced counsellors and psychiatrists.

This is a self-help book with a difference. It is interactive and Christian. The authors go into great detail explaining symptoms and causes, where you have the chance to make notes in the book that are relevant to you. The latter part of the book is about overcoming the problems and help for church leaders. The book contains realistic examples, uses the CBT technique to help combat the problem, has worksheets are the back to help work through the therapy as well as encouraging and relevant Bible verses and prayers.

As someone who suffers with anxiety I found this book incredibly helpful as the explanations were clear and concise. They explained everything from the initial start of the anxiety to what different types of medical help I can receive. Although a book written by Christians, it had realistic advice and uses techniques used by most psychiatrists.

I found this book so useful I am lending my copy to my boyfriend to read so he knows how to help me. It is accessible to all and the sections are easy to dip in and out of.


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The Life You’ve Always Wanted by John Ortberg

This is a Christian book which I have had recommended to me several times. This is my sister-in-law’s favourite book.

Here is the synopsis for The Life You’ve Always Wanted:

The heart of Christianity is about transformation — about a God who isn’t just concerned with our “spiritual lives,” but who wants to impact every aspect of living. It’s realizing that God meets us not in a monastery but on Main Street, and that all of everyday life has the potential to be lived as if Jesus himself were the one living it. John Ortberg calls us back to dynamic heartbeat of Christianity — God’s power to bring change and growth — and shows us how we can attain it . . . and why we should attain it. Offering modern perspectives on the ancient path of the spiritual disciplines, Ortberg guides us on a journey beyond performance and externalism. As we learn not to run harder, but to walk with consistency, we’ll encounter joy, peace, kindness, and all the signposts of a faith that’s vital and growing. Paved with humor and sparkling anecdotes, The Life You’ve Always Wanted, an ECPA best-seller, is an encouraging and challenging approach to a Christian life that’s worth living. Life on the edge, that fills our ordinary world with new meaning, hope, change, and a joyous, growing closeness to Christ.

I found this book incredibly helpful. I found some of it washed over me, however, the key points were easy to remember. It is very informative, uses real life examples to help teach and is written well.

From this book I have learnt to do things as if Jesus were doing them, how to pray more effectively, how to mediate and study the Scriptures in a better method and change how I think when I am sometimes feeling low.

This isn’t a long book, only 220 pages and the text is broken up with a few diagrams, funny stories and tip-boxes to help put into action what has been read.

A helpful read.


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