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Sepulchre ~ Kate Mosse


An elderly priest brutally murdered. The body of a young man floating in the River Aude. A nervous woman sitting in a damask-draped room. A smiling man in the shadows. Four different people, scattered across France, scattered across the ages. The only link, the painted tarot cards they hold… SEPULCHRE is a spellbinding adventure that carries us back from the present day in the French spa-town of Rennes-les-Bains, first to the 19th century, and then further back into the stories of the ancient kings buried there with their treasure. For those who stumble upon the cards, unravelling the mystery of the painted deck will take them on a treacherous journey of forbidden knowledge, the power of the church and the pull of the occult. A tale of strange music, personal ruin, murderous greed and age-old secrets – prepare yourself to turn over the cards…
My thoughts:
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I couldn’t put this book down. At a whopping 739 pages I was hooked right until the end.
The characters were brilliant and the two stories of Meredith and Leonie merged wonderfully. Lots of twists and turns and even though some of them were predictable it was still a very enjoyable book.
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