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Shift by Kim Curran

Scott Taylor is a pretty average teenage, who one evening decides to hang out in the park with the popular kids. He’s persuaded to climb a pylon, and finds himself falling. The next thing he knows, he’s lying by the fence, and has apparently not tried to climb it at all.

He soon finds out that he is a Shifter – someone who has the ability to change their past decisions, and therefore ‘shift’. Immediately as a reader you start imagining what it would be like with this ability.. every time you make a bad decision in life, you could go back and make a different one.

Almost as if expecting this reaction, the author shows us early on what affect this can have, as Scott makes a shift with devastating consequences. We’re also introduced to an agency which wishes to teach and regulate shifters, and an organisation fighting against this regulation.

Scott is a brilliant main character, typical of an average teen thrust into a strange world. Instead of simply accepting it, and becoming a hero, he often questions the decisions and actions of others, and has a realistic response to events. Even with this though, you can see him grow and change.

There’s also a good cast of supporting characters, from the other shifters Scott meets, through the adults involved, right up to the rather gruesome baddie!

I loved the idea of shifting, and there is so much potential. It’s story in itself, but there is room for more. I believe there are two more books to come, watch out for my interview with the author to confirm this.

This is a book for older teens – there is a sprinkling of swear words, but they really don’t feel out of place, and some of the content when the baddie is involved is probably not for younger readers.

The male viewpoint is refreshing, and completely accessible to both genders. It’s action-packed, it makes you think, and it also has a touch of humour. I actually miss Scott now I’ve finished the book, and I still kinda wish shifting was possible! 😉

Published by Strange Chemistry

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