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Fractured by Teri Terry

Fractured is the second book in a trilogy, following on from Slated. I’ve just been searching for my review of Slated, but surprisingly I didn’t write one! I did find this comment in my book forum book log though:

This book had me completely grabbed, and I loved the majority of it. However, just as the answers started to come, it finished, leaving everything in the air for the next book. I feel as if I’ve been cheated out of the ending, and I have to wait for the next book. Which is a shame, as I loved most of it.

I have to say, that having read Fractured, all is forgiven, and and I can see now that Slated had to finish somewhere, and that was probably the best place.

For those of you new to the trilogy, it’s set somewhere in our fairly-near future. Following riots and a near collapse, the government are very much in control, and under 16’s perceived as criminals are ‘slated’, meaning that their minds and memories are completely wiped, supposedly to give them a new start.

During Slated, it becomes apparent that Kyla isn’t like other around her who have been slated, she has trouble keeping her emotions as they should be, and has disturbing dreams which seem to be about her past. As I said above, towards the end of the book we start to get some answers, but not enough!

Fractured picks up straight after this, as she deals with the aftermath of her actions in the previous book. Things are very different now, and she’s starting to learn more about her past, and the past of the country. People step into her life from the past, and they constantly make her question what she remembers, and who she is.

One thing I noticed was I didn’t need to go back and read, or even skim, Slated, as I often want to do with previous books. Teri has that knack of reminding you want happened, without making you feel she’s telling the story all over again. Fractured has an even faster pace, and for me contained so much more – Kyla grows and develops throughout, and the story makes you question what you think and feel as you go along.

Fractured feels as if it’s finished at a more natural place, leaving me to take a few deep breaths whilst I wait for the final instalment. If Slated has passed you by, this is a good time to pick up both books. I tend to find the middle book of a trilogy to be my least favourite, as it’s usually moving the story towards the finale. In this case though, I found Fractured to be even better than it’s predecessor – Teri, the pressure is on for a fantastic finish! 😉

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