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The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

The Body Finder was first published in hardback in March 2010, and was greeted with excellent reviews. It somehow managed to pass me by however, but I was sent a copy once it was out in paperback.

The book combines two interesting aspects – the first is a girl called Violet who’s able to sense an ‘echo’ on dead bodies, and also on their killers. This can be a sound, smell or visual effect, and killer and victim match up.

At the same time, this is also a tale of a serial killer on the loose, something  I haven’t come across in a YA book before. This aspect means that this a book for teens and above, rather than younger readers, and it’s a really good introduction to that particular genre.

With Violet’s abilities, it apparent that she’s going to become involved in the murders, but it’s unsure for some time to what extent.

Wrapped around the thriller is a teen love story. A lot of time is spent looking at the evolving relationship of Violet and her best friend Jay, and to me, the conclusion to this was never in doubt. Jay is definitely lovely, but the overall niceness of both of these characters gives it a YA feel. Teenage readers will probably love it, but adults may find it a little too sweet – especially alongside the aspect of a serial killer.

Overall though, this is an enjoyable book, with some rather interesting aspects. It has a lot to offer for a YA book, and should appeal to many people. I understand that there will be a follow up book in February 2011, entitled Desires of the Dead, and I will certainly be looking out for it.

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