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UK Competition – The String Diaries by Stephen Lloyd Jones


Earlier in the year I was sent an early copy of The String Diaries. As it’s a big book, and the publication date was some time off, I took a peek at the beginning, thinking I could read it over a few weeks. Instead, I found myself absolutely gripped, and it took just a few days. It became one of my favourite books so far this year, and I will be recommending it to lots of people!

Thanks to the lovely people at Headline, I’m running a competition to give away three copies of this brilliant book. You don’t have to worry about whether you follow my blog, retweet on twitter, or promise me your first-born – simply visit Headline’s page, and then return and answer one simple question.

Remember, it’s UK only, and the closing date is Sunday 23rd June.

Good Luck!

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Early Review: The String Diaries by Stephen Lloyd Jones


The String Diaries will be published in July, but some lovely person in Headline sent out some early review copies in March. It comes in at just under 675 pages, so I expected it to take me a while. However, I took a peek at the first chapter, and was hooked. Impossible to leave alone for too long, I found myself picking it up whenever I could, and so I now bring you a brief, early review.

Headline has provided the first chapter here, along with nice large picture of the cover. We’re immediately introduced to Hannah Wilde, who’s driving to a cottage in Snowdonia, with her daughter in the back, and her severely injured husband in the seat beside her.

Chapter two takes us back to Oxford in 1979, where we meet Charles Meredith, as he finds himself attracted to, and intrigued by a beautiful French woman.

After going back and forth for a while, the book then takes us all the way to 1873 Hungary, where a young man is preparing for his first vegzet, a coming of age ball. Things don’t go as planned, and events are set into motion which will affect many people for many years.

These three strands come together perfectly, with each being so well paced that you don’t feel jolted during the transitions. Stephen brings us some great characters, from the amazingly strong Hannah, to the very dark, twisted Jakab. Travelling from an dark history, to a frightening now, The String Diaries needs to go on your wishlist!

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