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Therapy by Sebastian Fitzek

Josy is a twelve year old girl, who develops a mysterious illness, then one day disappears. There is absolutely no trace of her, and her body is never found.

Her father, well-known psychiatrist Viktor Larenz, is unable to cope with the loss, and after splitting up with his wife, he retreats to an isolated island, in an attempt to heal.

His time there is shattered by the arrival of Anna Glass, a schizophrenic who claims that characters she writes about come to life; and she has a story to tell about a young girl with an unknown illness, who has disappeared. Is there a connection? Can Anna’s delusions explain what happened to Josy?

For anyone who enjoys thrillers, this is an absolute must read. It’s fast paced, with plenty of twists and turns, and I found it almost impossible to put down. Is Anna the one with the mental illness, or is it Viktor?I felt completely absorbed in this story, and it’s characters, and they have stayed with me ever since I put it down.

I would be very surprised if this doesn’t become a hit film, and I’m going to recommend it to everyone! 🙂

Therapy is published by panmacmillan 01/08/08 £6.99 paperback

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To find out more about Sebastian’s work, read the article here.

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