Retiring BCF Reviews

BCF Reviews was set up in 2007, and was always supposed to be a group collaboration – bringing together some of the best reviewers from the forum, sharing reviews of books old and new. We were able to review many new and upcoming books, and it was an exciting venture.

Over time, however, this is quietened down.. many in the team dropped out due to other commitments, and the co-ordinating was taking up far too much of my own time. And let’s face it, there are a lot of very busy and popular blogs out there, offering more varied content.

So, 9 years on, I’ve decided to retire the blog.. it will stay up, of course, as there are 1,400 reviews on it.. that’s no mean feat, and they need to stay around. But, there won’t be any new content.

I would, of course, love to invite you to come over to the forum, if you haven’t visited already. We’re now 11 years old, and are going strong. There are a ton of reviews over there, as well as books discussions and general chat. It’s a perfect place to find honest opinions on books, every day. Please come and visit…


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