Grimm and Grimmer: Volume One

As a little girl I was never really interested in fairy tales, I couldn’t connect with the stereotypical and naive characters and the whole ‘learning a lesson’ theme that ran through them bothered me. However this anthology has made me believe again, it gave me stories that included a big bad wolf zombie, an incredibly devious and violent Gretel and a prisoned child beast. There was no lesson to learn and no moral hi ground to take, it was pure twisted entertainment.

Grim and Grimmer is a really enjoyable read of warped tales; the writers are very clever by incorporating the dark side of such traditional stories whilst throwing in the perfect amount of humour too. This collection made me giggle, sometimes for the wrong reasons!

This is the second anthology from Fringeworks and the only negative comment I have to make is that it just wasn’t long enough. The anthology contained only six short stories, but I enjoyed them all so I suppose it’s better to have quality rather than quantity. My personal favourite contribution to the anthology was ‘Pork’ Hammy and Chop’ written by William Meikle, which is a brilliant satirical horror twist on the traditional Three Little Pigs.

I’m really looking forward to Volume Two of which I believe is going to be based on the stories of Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Snow White. I will be grabbing myself a copy of that for sure.

Oh, and if you’re planning on buying this, don’t read the stories to your children, it will scar their tiny minds forever.

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